Terms & Conditions


- COD First Time Customers.
- Prearranged Credit Net 30 days (Date of Invoice)
- Any buyer with an overdue account will be liable for interest of 2% monthly at 24% annual and cost of collection.
- Mastercard, Visa, & American Express accepted.


- Wholesale Only
- F.O.B. Liberty
- Prices subject to change due to the availability of plant material. Please call (864) 843-6880 to confirm prices.


- All shrub and trees will be mechanically dug and placed in wire baskets with nylon lifting straps.
- Some of the specimen trees are dug when dormant and placed in large containers with root control fabric, and then back filled with potting soil. This process gives you the quality of a field grown tree in a wire basket and the convenience of a container for summer planting.
- After roots fill out bag, usually in 4-6 months, this will be a great tree for summer planting. This process greatly improves the livability of hard to move trees during summer months. Please call for prices and current availability.


- We make no expressed or implied warranty of any kind except that plants are true to variety and will be properly dug and cared for while in our possession. When plants leave our possession we have no way of knowing if they receive proper care so we DO NOT guarantee they live, pass inspection or be merchantable.
- All claims must be made immediately upon receipt of plants. In no case will our liability exceed the purchase price of plants.


- We have access to local delivery trucks, and tractor-trailers. All shipments travel at the risk and expense of purchaser.
- Delivery charges are due upon delivery. Customers are asked to give definite instructions for delivery.